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At Clinical Hypnosis Center, our clients have experienced life-changing results through our hypnosis therapy. From overcoming fears and phobias to quitting smoking and improving relationships, our clients have shared their heartfelt testimonials on the power of hypnosis. We are honored to have helped so many individuals achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling life.

This was a good experience for me.  The sessions with Danny helped tremendously with my anxiety and depression.  And Ms. Elena at the front desk was awesome.  Comfortable, professional environment.


Through hypnosis, Danny Thomas, has helped me quit smoking.  I have been smoke free for ten years and counting.  He has helped me with anxiety, entomophobia, addiction, and so much more.  His warm and loving demeanor and judgement free environment has made me feel safe and at ease, allowing me to work through difficult things.  I recommend contacting Danny Thomas to help with your needs. 


I have been seeing Danny for a couple of years, and he is incredibly friendly and professional.  He goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are comfortable, and all their needs are met.  I began seeing him to reduce anxiety, and to deal with grief and depression, but I have also used his services to get past my fear of flying.  I went from being absolutely terrified to looking forward to the trip, and even watching out the window during takeoff.  It has truly been a life-changing experience for me.


My family and I have been to Danny several times over the years for several issues including fear, marriage, public speaking just to name a few.  If you have something in life you just can’t get over on your own don’t hesitate to give him a call.  It has helped us and can help you too.


Approximately 7 years ago my son (9) was having many behavioral issues.  I had never considered hypnosis, but we reached a point where we would try anything.  Not only was it beneficial, I feel it changed our lives and my son.  My son is now a strong, confident, and well-balanced young man.  I can honestly say I don’t think that would have been possible without the help and direction we received from Danny.  I am forever grateful. 


I tell people Danny Thomas saved my life.  It may sound dramatic, but in one hypnosis session with Danny I overcame an addiction to cigarettes and walked away a non-smoker. That was over ten years ago, and I’ve never had a withdrawal, never had a craving, never had a desire – and at best guess I’ve saved at least $20,000.00.  I’ve never even needed a “tune-up” session. 

However, I have seen Danny for other sessions to help with stress, procrastination, and confidence.  Every visit has been professional and productive. 

Danny is the real deal.  He saved my life and continues to help me move toward my potential.

-R. B. 

I was a smoker of a pack a day for 24 years.  I was surprised that anything would have helped me quit smoking the way Danny did with his hypnosis.  Ladies, he is the perfect gentleman and real professional.  I would recommend it to anyone wanting to quit!  I didn’t have any cravings; all I must do was to take deep breaths, and everything seems more relaxing now than any cigarette ever did!  No headaches, no anxiety.  It was and is a great and awesome feeling to be a nonsmoker.


I’m a rodeo rider and honestly need to be rid of the smokes.  I wasn’t confident hypnotherapy would work for me, but I was determined to quit smoking by my fiancé’s birthdate.  Danny was amazing.  Just made me feel motivated, and in just one session with him I was able to quit and haven’t smoked since.  Thanks for taking it by the horns Danny.


I first met Danny approximately 4 years ago.  I was needing help with some sleep issues, and also some challenges with my self-esteem. 

Danny’s methods are relaxing and easy to get comfortable with.  I’ve had numerous sessions and am a believer in the power of hypnosis and Danny’s skills and techniques.  I highly recommend Danny as a practitioner. 


MY REVIEW… WORDS CAN NOT ADEQUATELY EXPRESS, BUT THEY ARE ALL I HAVE.  Danny is an honest, genuinely caring, and extremely helpful professional.  He has helped three generations of my family, including me personally, to overcome obstacles and live a more balanced, productive, and peaceful life.  We are all so grateful God led us to Danny. 

-P. H. 

I had been to a hypnosis show in Springfield to stop smoking, people did quit so I recognized how powerful it can be.  But I wanted to be focused on it a little more.  I thought I’d need extra help.  Danny seemed to know what I needed.  We spoke for a while and as he spoke I gained the confidence I needed.  That was an important part of it because I know how stubborn I can be!  Then we did hypnosis to stop smoking and I haven’t smoked since.


I have known Danny for a number of years.  He is very knowledgeable, professional, and truly a special person.


A therapist with abiding compassion with whom you can empty your desperate soul to renew hope for a brighter day. 

John MSW Retired 

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