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About Hypnosis

Hypnosis operates within the boundaries of one's own will and cannot be imposed against his or her consent. Anyone of average intelligence can enter a hypnotic state, a natural occurrence experienced by most people multiple times a day, without awareness. It's important to note that during hypnosis, or even through post-hypnotic suggestions, individuals cannot be coerced into actions contrary to their will. Hypnosis is not supernatural, mystical, magical, occult, or demonic; rather, it's a deeply relaxed state of awareness.

Extreme Relaxation

Being hypnotized is akin to a state of extreme relaxation. Hypnosis does not render a person unconscious or under the control of the hypnotist. Just as one cannot decide to sleep for decades, a person cannot be stuck in a state of hypnosis. Essentially, hypnosis respects the individual's autonomy, ensuring they remain in control of his or her thoughts and actions throughout the process.

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