In 1957, hypnosis was approved by the Catholic Church, and in 1958, hypnosis was approved by the American Medical Association (AMA) for therapeutic uses. Hypnosis is used successfully used to control chronic pain, natural child-birth, ending unwanted self-control behaviors i.e., drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, control eating and exercising habits, and over two-hundred life issues. People stop smoking with just one ninety-minute session of hypnosis with Hypnosis Works. Folks change their lifestyles through the use of hypnosis at our clinics everyday. The subconscious mind of human beings is so powerful if one needed major surgery, and they could not use traditional anesthesia, he or she could use hypnosis to create numbness so strong they could have the surgery and not feel any pain or discomfort. 

 No one can be hypnotized against his or her will. Everyone with normal intellect can be hypnotized, and in fact, all people with normal intelligence goes into hypnosis spontaneously several times a day without realizing that is what is happening. One can never be made to do anything against his or her will, and this is true both during hypnosis sessions and by way of any post-hypnotic suggestions. Hypnosis is not magical, mystical, occult, nor demonic. People who are stronger-minded and strong-willed who want to be hypnotized achieve excellent results from hypnosis. No one can be tricked when they are in hypnosis any more easily than he or she could in his or her normal awake state. Hypnosis is an extremely relaxed state; however, it is not habit forming. Hypnosis is not brainwashing. A person could never somehow get locked in a state of hypnosis.  Just as a person would never think, "I'd like to take a nap, but I wouldn't wake up for the next thirty-eight years." When one is hypnotized, one is not asleep, unconscious, in some distant trance, nor under the control of the hypnotist. The only possible danger of hypnosis is in the use of it in blocking pain; therefore, we do not work on blocking pain for clients unless they have written permission from their attending physician for pain management. Hypnotists do not possess some special gift or unusual power, but they have learned how to give suggestions subconscious minds will accept and act upon effectively.  Clients are never under the control of the hypnotherapist. People who have smoked for as long as 80 years have come to our clinics to stop smoking successfully.  After about ninety-minutes, they walk out of our doors with very little, to no, withdrawals, cravings, or desire for cigarettes and smoking.  Typically for them, it is as though they quit smoking years and years ago, and for many it is as though they never smoked the first puff. For persons who want to quit, there is not a quicker, more effective, more economical, or easier way to quit smoking than using hypnosis with Hypnosis Works. Approximately 94% of our stop smoking clients are successful. 

Individuals are able to change their lifestyles in such ways they lose unwanted pounds and inches they may have carried around for years. People change their eating habits, and they have a new desire to eat healthy foods.  They end eating for emotional reasons such as boredom, stress, anger, sadness, habit, and time of day. Our clients develop a desire to exercise.   

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