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Our Client Strategy:

Our Certified Consulting hypnotists are leading experts in the field of hypnosis. Fear of flying and other ​Fears are overcome easily using proven techniques for success.  We come from backgrounds of nursing, psychology, and clinical social work.

​We help our clients achieve and retain the greatest possible success in the desired areas of their lives. We work with clients on over 200 life issues and produce successful results.


Harrison, AR     (870)-741-3970

Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to overcome, once and for all, unwanted habits and behaviors

Danny Thomas

Ed.S, C.H, C.I.

Harrison, Arkansas


Sherry Thomas

A.A., C.H.

Harrison, Arkansas


You can walk out of our office, after a two hour session, and be a natural non-smoker. We use innovative technics to help you overcome poor eating habits and make better food choices; enabling you to lose unwanted weight and lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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